Hobby Spirit 2021 + Pokémon


Bye Bye 2020!

Thank you to all our customers who shopped with us in 2020. We hope our fun products made the year a bit more bearable. You definitely helped us make it through and we appreciate it!

Goals, updates, and thanks.

Even though 2020 didn’t go as expected, we still hope to accomplish some of our goals that we had set. We are still considering our participation at toy shows and comic cons around the Western New York & surrounding areas. With many being cancelled last year, we learned focus on other selling avenues but still would like to explore the options available in 2021. We will keep you posted.

We also want to give thanks to our frequent customers by offering a loyalty reward program. Soon our online customers will gain points for shopping on our website at hobbyspirit.com for bigger discounts. We also have a special program for our face to face customers, please visit us in Unit 22 at the East Aurora Flea on Saturday & Sundays 9AM – 4:30PM for more information on that.

One thing we can’t overlook is the growth of Pokémon in 2020 and with 25th Anniversary on the way in 2021, it will surely be another fun year of products. We want to announce that we will soon start taking a limited amount of pre-orders for Pokémon products on hobbyspirit.com and in person for the first time this year. We are giving it a try and will reevaluate it in the coming months. Keep a lookout on our website and social media in the coming weeks.

You can always find out more info by contacting us, joining our newsletter, and following us on social media. Thanks again for being part of our Hobby Spirit! Enjoy the video!

We hope to serve you soon!