ARGENT SAGA TCG: Intro Deck Display + Betrayal 2.0 Booster YUKI BUNDLE – Alter Reality Games


This Argent Saga Bundle includes everything listed here.

Yuki The Lightning Flash Kickstarter Cloth Two-Player Play Mat and Yuki, the Lightning Flash (Full Art) Promo Card

2019 Intro Deck – Display Box: Includes an 85 Card Set of 5 Different Intro Decks, with 3 Foils Per Deck, 54 Common Cards Per Deck, Quick-Start Guide & Paper Playmat.

Booster Set 1: Betrayal: Each display contains 24 packs (10 cards each), comprising 2 Argent Rares, 7 Super Rares, 15 Rares, 8 foil Commons, 184 Commons, 1 box-topper card, 8 Redemption point/QR cards, and either 16 Basic Shards or 15 Basic Shards and 1 of 9 serial-numbered cards.The 2.0 version brings improved foils with easier to read text.

Expansion Pack 1: Generations Display Box: Each Expansion Pack Generations includes: 25 cards, 15 new playable cards, 12 New Units, 3 New Legendary Shards, 5 Full Art Tower Guardians, 5 Champions. 1 Expansion Pack in each Display Box will contain ALL-FOIL versions of each card, 12 packs per display box

Official retail BRAND NEW sealed displays. Actual items pictured.

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