What is Hobby Spirit?

The joy in transforming that robot, a tactical genius at work, the detailing of your favorite model kit, the creation of your next RPG adventure, the synergy of your next CCG deck, the creativity of child’s play, the art of images in motion, memories that make you smile, the motivation of a collector, the spark of learning something new, and the wonderful inspiration that can be found in fun. This is Hobby Spirit!


Here to serve – An emporium of fun & unique items

We understand the joy and depth of your hobby and aim to to serve your collecting, gaming, and gifting needs in the way you deserve. As of now we offer a variety of hobby items, games, and collectibles. As you can see in our website theme, many items are sourced from Japan and focus on anime, manga, and other collectibles imported from the Japanese market. This is a long enduring hobby of ours and we will continue to support this collection. We have also have been expanding our curated selection of of games, including CCGs, RPGs, and other board games. We hope you find something you like, we are always looking for new fun and interesting items to add to our collection, so you’ll never know what treasures you might find here at Hobby Spirit.

Our business – Born from eBay – Trusted on the web

In a nutshell our story began on eBay. Being an eBay buyer/seller for almost twenty years, it was only natural to initially add our offerings on eBay and open an eBay store. Having built a solid reputation on eBay, this platform will continue to be a valued storefront for us being open to carry giant robots and ceramics in the same store. But with the desire to strengthen our brand and have the flexibility to communicate and share what we love with our customers directly, the focus is now on the growth of our online store. We continue to find focus with the products we offer and deliver what our customers crave. The same pride we took in our 5-star trusted and reliable service on eBay is now a staple at hobbyspirit.com. We invite you to browse our store and let us serve your Hobby Spirit!