DIACLONE: DA-77 Diaclone PS/202X (A Type & B Type) – TAKARA TOMY


The DA-77 Powered Suit Systems are specialized defense armor that amplifies the combat power of the Dia-Nauts. One Dia-Naut in a powered suit system can do the work of 10 Dia-Nauts. These suits are designed to incorporate the essence of the Diaclone’s first powered suit and the first generation powered system. The figures also come with a pair of 1/60 Diaclone mini action figures. 

  • 2 inches (5.5cm)
  • DA-77 Powered Suit System A
  • DA-77 Powered Suit System B
  • 2 FZ Beam Gun
  • 2 FZ Pulse Machine Gun
  • 2 Photon Tomahawk
  • 4 Launch Cannon
  • 2 1/60 Scale Diaclone mini action figures
  • Instructions

This is a genuine import from Japan, BRAND NEW mint in sealed box.

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