THE FANTASY TRIP: Five Perilous Journeys (Full Kickstarter Print & PDF Set)


Includes Five Perilous Journeys (Print & PDF), Die-cut Token Pack + PDF of Token Pack, NPC and Monster Card Deck + PDF of NPC/Monster Cards for use with THE FANTASY TRIP by Steve Jackson.

Ironskull Castle – Visit Ironskull Castle, the headquarters of Lady Raelle Ironskull, mercenary warlord turned magical arms dealer, mistress of Eldritch Arms.

Crown of Eternity The party is tasked with finding a lost researcher for an exclusive league of magical explorers. The lost eldritch archaeologist was in search of the fabled Crown of Eternity. 

Citadel of IceThe dungeon is a frozen labyrinth inside an iceberg that broke loose from the coast and is drifting in the ocean.

Curse of the Pirate KingThe expedition seems simple: travel to the former capitol of a vast pirate nation, and find the fabled Blade of Dawn.

Vampire Hunter Belladonna – a programmed adventure for The Fantasy Trip. You won’t need a Game Master—instead a system of branching paragraphs directs you from encounter to encounter as you make your own choice. You resolve combat or other encounters using the TFT rules. It is an independent adventure, but it has ties to IRONSKULL CASTLE, so you can use both together in a campaign if you wish.

Items are in BRAND NEW condition, actual items pictured.

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