Starblazers Yamato 2202: Variable Action Hi-SPEC Type 52 Cosmo Zero Alpha 1 – MEGAHOUSE


The latest addition to the Variable Action Hi-SPEC series is the Type-0 Model 52 Space Carrier Fighter Cosmo Zero Alpha-1 from “Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love”. The fighter is approximately 8.7 inches (22cm) in length and features a high quality design with certain areas that makeuse of die-cast parts.

The included missiles and high-maneuver units can be selected and connected to the areas underneath the wings. The nose, wings and fins of the fighter all come with interchangeable parts to display the figure as if it was stored away in a hanger. The canopy also features interchangeable parts to open and close the cockpit, and an included figure of Susumu in the same scale can be seated in the cockpit. In addition, a little figure of Yuki Mori is also included that can be placed sitting on the mounting ladder.
The figure comes with both a normal stand as well as one mounted on a catapult to display it ready to launch. The landing gear can also be deployed allowing you to display it without the need of any stand at all. A set of decals for even more detail is included, creating a model filled with options and details for fans to enjoy!

This is a genuine import from Japan, BRAND NEW mint in sealed box.


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