POKEMON: Scale World Galar Region Gym Battle Set – BANDAI SPIRITS


From the Nintendo Switch game, Pokemon Sword and Shield, The Gym Battle set comes with both male and female player characters along with their Galar pokemon: Skwovet, Impidimp ,Gossifleur and Rolycoly.
Complete your battle scene with other Pokemon Scale World figures.

Bandai Premium Web Store Exclusive

Product Info

  • Female Player Character: 3.14 inches (8cm)
  • Male Player Character: 3.14 inches (7.75cm)
  • Skwovet: 0.78 inches (1.5cm)
  • Impidimp: 0.59 inches (2cm)
  • Gossifleur: 0.59 inches (2cm)
  • Rolycoly: 0.78 inches (1.5cm)
  • 1/20 Scale

This is a genuine import from Japan. This special web store exclusive comes sealed in brown shipping box.

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