METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA lot: 1 Supplement & 3 Encounter books – Goodman Games


This lot includes 1 Metamorphosis Alpha Supplement & 3 Encounter books.

The Mutation Manual: This incredibly useful supplement features more than 200 new mutations for Metamorphosis Alpha! 

The Robots Among Us: In Robots Among Us, Metamorphosis Alpha creator James M. Ward provides 17 encounters built around the simple concept of “robots gone awry.” Ranging from a corrupted nanny unit to an angry self-aware war-tank, these encounters will give your players hours of new excitement!

Warden Adventures: This adventure module contains eight two-page mini-encounters that provide all the material that a Game Master needs to run several fun evenings’ worth of adventures. These adventures are designed to be placed anywhere on the Starship Warden. They can be run individually or connected together as part of a larger game.

The Long, Hard Mile: This short adventure is designed to be run solo, or can also be used in a traditional Metamorphosis Alpha game.

Items are in BRAND NEW condition, actual items pictured.

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