METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA lot: 1 Supplement & 2 Encounter books – Goodman Games


METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA lot: 1 Supplement & 3 Encounter books – Goodman Games

This lot includes 1 Metamorphosis Alpha Supplement & 2 Encounter books.

Death Ziggurat In Zero-G:This is the only home you’ve ever known. They call it the Silver Waste—a desert sea of silvery dunes blasted by endless sandstorms during the day and freezing temperatures at night. For generations, your tribe has clung to life in a concrete building subsisting on the trickle of edible goo spewing from a broken replicator. What if there is an easier way of life beyond the dunes?

The Android Underlords:The Knower of All Things has been kidnapped! Mysterious agents have abducted the village shaman in the dead of night, leaving a hideous trail in their wake. Now it is up to the bravest and strongest members of the tribe to rescue the shaman before he falls victim to his captors’ nefarious plans. Before their journey is through, the village heroes will find themselves in an undreamt-of place, battling faceless foes. Is your mutant up to the challenge?

Book Of Handouts:This booklet contains 16 illustrations suitable for showing players in a Metamorphosis Alpha session. Each image was described by James M. Ward then illustrated by Jim Holloway. It’s up to the gamemaster to determine how they’re used in his adventures!

Items are in BRAND NEW condition, actual items pictured.

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