Macross: 1/60 VE-1 Elint Seeker – PREMIUM FINISH EDITION – ARCADIA


The Elint Seeker was only seen for a few seconds during 1984’s “Macross: Do You Remember Love?”, but it made a huge impression! This Premium Finish version of Arcadia’s 1/60-scale model will be about 24cm in Fighter form, and it’s transformable between all three forms! It’s loaded with its distinctive radomes, sensors, and radar, and two pilot figures are also included.

  • No stickers needed with over 100 sharp detailed pre-painted markings already added.Main figure
  • Pilot figures (x2)
  • Interchangeable hands (1 pair)
  • Booster unit
  • Propellant tank
  • Sensor block
  • Auxiliary backpack
  • Radome unit
  • Supplement parts
  • Passenger seat for Battroid form (double seat)
  • Stand attachment
  • Owner’s Manual (In Japanese)

This is a genuine import from Japan, BRAND NEW mint in sealed box.

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