Welcome to hobbyspirit.com

Welcome to hobbyspirit.com. A fun and unique emporium.

Thank you so much for visiting our new website. We are here to serve your collecting and gifting needs. At the moment we offer a variety of collectibles, both new and used. Since our roots started on eBay, you’ll find our collection rather unique since you’ll find ceramics and transformable robots in the same shop. Be assured we try to make sure all our items are treated equally in the eyes of the collector. As you’ve probably noticed our website theme and bulk of new items are sourced from Japan and focus on anime, manga, and other characters from the Japanese market. This is a long enduring hobby of ours and we will continue to expand this selection the most, yet we are always looking for fun and interesting items to add to our collection, so you’ll never know what treasures you might find here at Hobby Spirit.

Born from eBay – Trusted on the web

Being an eBay buyer/seller for almost twenty years, it was only natural to initially expand my offerings on eBay and open an eBay store. Having built a solid reputation on eBay, this platform will continue to be a valued storefront for us. On the other hand  we felt the need to expand our brand and strengthen the ability to share what we love with our customers, so an online store seemed like a good next step. We take pride in our trusted and reliable service on eBay and will continue to serve you in the same way at hobbyspirit.com. You will find different product offerings and promotions by browsing our eBay store. We thank you for visiting!

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