POKEMON: Scale World Johto Morty, Misdreavus, Celebi, and grass Limited Edition Set – BANDAI


Bandai brings us the world of “Pokemon” in 1/20th scale with their new mini figure series: Pokemon Scale World Johto!

Bandai Premium Web Store Exclusive

Pokemon 2020 Bandai Pokemon Scale World “Johto Region” figurine of Lyra, Bayleef, Natu, and Smoochum. This set was NOT SOLD IN STORES. It was only available through a special pre-order on the Premium Bandai website, for a limited time. Each figure is made to 1/20 scale of the actual Pokemon character. Comes with soda flavored gum.

  1. Lyra – 76mm (height) x 40mm (width)
  2. Bayleef – 89mm (height) x 48mm (width)
  3. Natu – 10mm (height) x 9mm (width)
  4. Grass
  5. Smoochum – 20mm (height) x 13mm (width)

This is a genuine import from Japan. This special web store exclusive comes sealed in brown shipping box.

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