JAPAN FILM: Maiko Haaaan!!! (DVD) – NEW


From acclaimed screenwriter Kankuro Kudo (Ping Pong, Yaji, Kita: The Midnight Pilgrims and Takashi Miike’s Zebraman), comes *Maiko Haaaan!!! *, a colorful introduction to Japans Maiko world and a slapstick comedy with an energetic twist of Kyoto humor. The film centers on Japanese office worker Kumihiko Onizuka (Sadao Abe, from Kamikaze Girls), who dumps his girlfriend (Kou Shibasaki) because he believes he can only fall in love with a Maiko (apprentice Geisha). He decides to pursue his dream of courting a real Maiko in Kyoto, but must first overcome the social barriers that prevent him from visiting the private Maiko Houses, as well as a millionaire baseball player rival (Shinichi Tsutsumi). Meanwhile, Kumihikos girlfriend tries to win him back by leaving Tokyo to become a Maiko herself.

  • Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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