CONQUEST: The Last Argument of Kings: Spires Expansions x2 – Para Bellum


2 Unit Expansion Sets for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings

Spires: Force-Grown Drones Set

In the dispassionate view of the Directorate, all life that crawls from their vats is a product. Clones, which are grown directly from original Exile life strands, are perhaps high-end products, the best of which can someday prove themselves and even earn some standing in Spire society. Such a fate is forever beyond the wretched Force-Grown Drones. All Drones are spliced from “base” tissues, found locally on Eä; therefore, no Sovereign Lineage would ever countenance a creature as inelegant as the Force-Grown Drone.

Box contains:

  • 12 Force-Grown Drones with 3 infantry stands
  • 1 Digital command card

Spires: Brute Drones Set

Unlike the elegant Biomantic processes and techniques used in the development of creations like the Marksman Clone, the Brute Drone reflects the callous disregard the Spires have for the suffering of their creations. Selected from the least imperfect of the force-grown drones they employ as cannon fodder, the prospective Brutes are carried off and subjected to a ruthlessly efficient testing process, to see if their bodies can survive the stress of transformation. On the battlefield, Brute Drones are little more than living battering rams.

Box contains:

  • 3 Brute Drones with cavalry stands
  • 1 Digital command card

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